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SDG & AI Innovation Lab – THE program for sustainable innovation supported by artificial intelligence.


SDG & AI Innovation Lab – your workshop where innovation, sustainability and artificial intelligence take your business to the next level!

In a rapidly changing world, your business needs a bridge between today and a sustainable future. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a wonderful compass for how you can combine your business with a good future for all. We will support you in making this business successful – and of course some AI tools that will make your life easier and a lot of fun!

In this program, we provide you with everything you need to develop innovative products with a clear focus on sustainability. Learn from experts and successful entrepreneurs, exchange ideas with like-minded people and use the best AI tools to successfully advance your business. We always focus on your customers, so that your products, services and business models are sure to be successful!

Be a part of positive change: sign up now for our exclusive lab and take the first step towards a greener and more successful future.

Faciliators & Co-Pilots

Astrid Weikmann

Astrid Weikmann

Astrid Weikmann

Katja Tschoepe

Astrid Weikmann

Asetila Köstinger

Alice Schmidt

Alice Schmidt

Program overview

For whom?

Small and medium-sized enterpriseswho want to integrate sustainability and innovation into their offering.

Who takes part?

Per company Employees from management, product development, etc.

What is the objective of the Lab?

The SDG Innovation Lab teaches methods for product and innovation development via learning by doing. The goal: to develop real product ideas all the way to marketability.

What is the program based on?

Our Labs are based on five central pillars:

  1. Goal and result orientation. Because well defined goals are like magnets: They pull you in their direction.
  2. Lean startup methods and always in focus: the customers!
  3. Future, technology and sustainability orientation – because we shape the future today, best with the methods of tomorrow
  4. Expert knowledge combined with state-of-the-art learning methods
  5. Networking – not collecting contacts, but sharing knowledge and resources.


Program details

LAB 1: Discover

  • SDG and ESG – how three letters improve your business
  • Get inspired by successful examples!
  • Your idea generation process is based on proven techniques from Design Thinking
  • What role can AI tools play in your idea?

At the end of the first lab, you will have your product idea, which you will develop further to market maturity in the coming weeks.

LAB 2: Define

  • Presentation of the results from the previous Lab
  • Develop your sustainable business model, AI will help you do it
  • Create your value proposition for your customers
  • Define your customer segments
  • Calculate your market potential
  • Present your sustainable business model to the mentors and get valuable feedback!

Learning Journey:
Get to know a company that has already successfully gone through this program. Here’s inspiration and contacts!


Important for your success: learning from the feedback of your mentors.

By the end of the second lab, you’ll know who and how you’ll sell your product to.

LAB 3: Validate

  • Presentation of the results from the previous Lab
  • Developing for customers: validation.
  • Learn methods and techniques for validation and how AI can help you.
  • Stay flexible: Learn what pivoting means.
  • Get out of the building and do it!

Sounding Board:
Present your idea to experts and experienced founders.

By the end of the third lab, you will have applied the key success factors to your product development.

LAB 4: Develop

  • Presentation of the results from the previous Lab
  • Develop the prototype, test and improve it
  • Interim status: What impact does your product currently have?
  • Do you need financing? Go grants or crowd funding.

Present your product to the mentors and receive valuable feedback and suggestions. Each product team will have 2-3 mentoring sessions.

At the end of the fourth lab, you’ll have a prototype of your product.

LAB 5: Go-to-Market

  • Presentation of the results from the previous Lab
  • Develop a go-to-market plan for your business case.
  • Learn sustainable marketing and how to promote your product.
  • AI can support you here, too!

At the end of the fifth lab is your plan for how you will sell your product.

LAB 6: Shine & Final Event

  • Learn how to present (pitch) your product in 3 minutes – with storytelling – AI makes it easier
  • Practice your pitch
  • Pitch your sustainable idea in front of all teams, mentors and experts!
  • Networking

At the end of the sixth lab, you presented your product on stage in front of an audience for the first time.

Practical information




Nov.-Dec. 2023
50 h Workshops + 3 1:1 Mentoring

Lab 1
: Thu., 16.11.23

Lab 2
: Fri, 17.11.23

Individual mentoring session online (1h per person): Tues., 21.11. or Wed., 22.11. between 18h and 20h

Lab 3
: Thu., 23.11.23

Lab 4
: Thu., 30.11.23

Individual mentoring session online (1h per person): Tues., 5.12. or Wed., 6.12. between 18h and 20h

Lab 5
: Thu., 7.12.23

Lab 6
: Thu,. 14.12.23

The labs start at 09:00h and end at 16:00h.





€ 3.900,- plus. VAT

For the creative process, we recommend that several people from one company participate. For this there is a 30% discount for the 2nd person and 50% for the 3rd person.

If this program is to be carried out exclusively for a company, we will be happy to make you an offer:

This offer may be sponsored by:

Oekobusiness Wien

The program includes materials, lunch and hot drinks.


Min. Participants:inside number: 8

Max. Participants:inside number: 12



Talentgarden Vienna
Liechtensteinstrasse 117-115
1090 Vienna

Cancellation policy:

You can find the general terms & conditions here.

By the end of the entire program, you will have worked as a team using AI to turn your idea into an innovative, sustainable product (or service) or business model that has already been tested in the marketplace. You received feedback from experienced mentors, experts, potential customers, and the other participants, which certainly helped you take big steps forward. With this market-ready product idea, you can now get started! You’ll also have plenty of new contacts to network with as you move forward.

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