Beyond Tolerance –

Diversity & inclusion as a formula for success for every company


Beyond Tolerance: Diversity & Inclusion as a Formula for Success for Every Company

Ask yourself questions like, “What does diversity and inclusion mean for my business?” or “How can I implement this concept at no additional cost?” Even if you think you’re already open and tolerant, there are still ways you can integrate diversity and inclusion into your business to add real value. In this workshop, you will learn how diversity and inclusion can positively impact your business, regardless of company size, and how other companies have already benefited from this practice. It’s more than just a trend – it’s an investment in the future and success of your business.

Program overview

For whom?

Companies that want to increase their competitiveness through a more diverse perspective and approach,

  • Want to recognize and reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion,
  • want to position themselves with an eye to the future and proactively help shape the changing world of work,
  • Want to enrich their corporate culture and provide a more open, innovative work environment.

Who takes part?

Everyone in the company who

  • make decisions directly or indirectly and shape the company,
  • are involved in shaping and implementing the corporate culture,
  • Have an interest in continuing education, personal development, and the topic of diversity and inclusion,
  • who want to recognize and implement the potential and opportunities of diversity and inclusion for the company.

What is the objective of the workshop?

  • Participants to become aware of their unconscious biases and patterns of action.
  • Reflect on pigeonholing and recognize stereotypes
  • Importance of diversity and inclusion

What is the workshop based on?

The workshop uses

  • Individual and group exercises
  • Reflection and creative games

to question thought patterns, create awareness and integrate them into everyday business life.


What do our participants say?

“At the beginning, I was skeptical – diversity & inclusion sounded like a buzzword from big corporations to me. But the workshop opened my eyes. I realized how important these topics are for every company, no matter how big or small. The methods and approaches I learned here are directly applicable in my everyday life.”


Program details

  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Recognizing and breaking down prejudices:
    Unconscious Bias: Recognizing and Understanding Unconscious Bias
    Reflection: Rethinking personal experiences and patterns of action
  • Economic and social benefits for companies
    Case studies: Companies that have benefited from diversity and inclusion
  • Practical implementation in the company
  • Action Plan
  • Sharing insights and experiences from the workshop
By the end of the workshop, you will have a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion in a business context, be able to identify unconscious bias, and positively change your work environment. You leave the workshop with a concrete action plan and the motivation to develop your company sustainably.


Practical information

New dates for fall 2023:

The program includes the materials and coffee.

The workshop starts at 09.00h and ends at 16.00h.



Talentgarden Vienna
Liechtensteinstrasse 117-115
1090 Vienna



next dates from end of Sept. ’23



€ 695,- plus. VAT

If this program is to be conducted exclusively for a company, we will be happy to make you an offer:


Cancellation policy:

You can find the general terms & conditions here.

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