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Start-up 45plus – your way to entrepreneurship with the support of AI!


Start your self-employment with successful methods from the startup world and immediately with free “assistants”: ChatGPT & Co!

Are you a woman over 45 and thinking about a new career challenge? Then discover the potential of starting a business – tailored specifically for women like you! Here you will learn how artificial intelligence can be a great help for your self-employment in a simple and practical way.

With our program, we support you in transforming your years of experience and personal passions into a viable business model and innovative and marketable products or services. Combine your expertise with the latest market trends and get the tools and resources you need to start a successful business. On this path, you will be accompanied and supported by experts, mentors, of course the other participants and your first personal and free assistants in the form of AI (artificial intelligence) tools.

Imagine running your own business, with your vision and values, and being supported by a network of like-minded women entrepreneurs. Building on your years of professional and life experience and under our guidance, this new start can become a successful reality!

The best thing to do is to register right now and take the first step towards realizing your successful business start-up. Use your experience and start anew with us!

Astrid Weikmann

Astrid Weikmann

“My transition from corporate to self-employment was challenging – you often feel alone. That’s why we’ve designed our program to make you feel uplifted and supported.”

Katja Tschoepe

Katja Tschoepe

“Many are afraid of artificial intelligence. There are already numerous tools that simplify your business life and save you a lot of time! You can easily learn this with us and it will inspire you!”

Asetila Köstinger

Asetila Köstinger

“I’ve tried so many things and especially learned from what didn’t work out. Fail faster, succeed faster!”

Program overview

For whom?

For women 45 years and older who are looking for a career change and want to start their own business

Who takes part?

Ambitious women who want to use their professional experience to start their own business and realize sustainable business ideas.

What is the objective of the Lab?

At the end of the program, the participating women will have defined a clear business idea, learned to test it on customers, developed a business model, and created a plan for starting a business and entering the market.

What is the program based on?

Our Labs are based on five central pillars:

  • Experimental learning: Promotes deep understanding and sustained retention of knowledge through immediate application.
  • Lean startup methods: Always focusing on the customer to develop a product market-ready product.
  • Digitalization & sustainability: We are shaping the future today for the world of tomorrow.
  • Mentoring, Expert:inside knowledge & networks:
    Supervision by subject matter experts for customized support and advice.
  • Goal and result orientation: Good goals are like magnets that pull us in the right direction.

What do our participants say?

“This program not only gave me the tools I needed to make my business idea a reality, but also the confidence to compete in my second career as an entrepreneur. The direct exchange with the experts and the support of the other participants was priceless!” – Martina Müller, founder of BioBeauty

What does the program look like?

This program consists of seven interactive labs ranging from idea generation to market entry. Each lab focuses on a specific aspect of entrepreneurship, ensuring that participants are ready to turn their business idea into reality by the end.




Program details

LAB 1: From idea to vision

You reflect deeply on your previous experiences and personal passions, identify your individual strengths and desires, align them with current market trends, and lay the foundation for your successful and sustainable business start-up.

At the end of the first lab, you will have your product or service idea, which you will develop to market maturity in the coming weeks.

LAB 2: Define

Work to create a sustainable business model using Lean Canvas methods. AI (artificial intelligence) will also help you here.

Learning Journey:
Get to know a company that has already successfully gone through this program. Here’s inspiration and contacts!


Important for your success: learning from the feedback of your mentors.

In the end, you’ll have an elaborate business model that meets both market needs and your own passions.

LAB 3: Customer Segments & Testing

Understand and define target audiences, learn about the market, and use methods to validate your business idea.

Sounding Board:

Present your idea to experts and experienced founders.

At the end of the third lab, you will have a klary customer segmentation, empathy map, and an understanding of market & competition. First steps to validate the business idea.

LAB 4: Building a strong brand

Develop a memorable brand identity and devise effective communication strategies, including the use of AI technology.

Present your product to the mentors and receive valuable feedback and suggestions. Each product team will have 2-3 mentor:in sessions.

By the end of the fourth lab, you’ll have apowerful brand identity and communications strategy designed to get noticed in the marketplace.

LAB 5: Finance, Resource Management, Law & Taxes

Gain insight into the financial, legal and tax aspects of starting a business.

At the end of the fifth lab, you’ll havea solid overview of financial planning, legal principles and tax obligations to help you get your business started

LAB 6: Business plan and pitching

Develop a compelling business plan and prepare to present it to investors, stakeholders and partners. AI will support you here as well.

At the end of the sixth lab, you willhave a completed business plan and will have learned how to present your business idea convincingly to an audience.

LAB 7: Demoday

Present your business idea in front of a selected audience and network with relevant players from the business environment.

Practical information

The program consists of 7 labs, some of which last 8 hours (Saturdays) and some of which last 4 hours (Fridays), so that working people can also participate. In addition, there are two individual mentoring sessions of 60 mins.

The program includes materials, lunch and hot drinks.



€ 2.900,- plus. VAT



Bookable additional packages (each package takes place from 4 bookings):

Business photos
from the Pro (1x close-up, 1x work situation, 1x group situation) € 190,- plus. VAT

Create website
(4h online content, 8h implementation in presence) € 285,- plus. VAT

Negotiation Training
(4h) € 190,- plus. VAT

Personal Pitch
– Present yourself successfully! (4h) € 190,- plus. VAT


If this program is to be carried out exclusively for a company, we will be happy to make you an offer:



January – March 2024

  • Lab 1

    : Fri, 26.1. 15-19h

  • Lab 2
    : Fri., 2.2. 15-19h

  • Lab 3
    : Sat., 3.2. 10-18h

  • Lab 4
    : Fri., 9.2. 15-19h

  • Lab 5
    : Sat., 17.2. 10-18h
    (Additional package ‘Business photos’ will take place during this day).
    Mentoring Session
    online (per pers. 1h): Wed., 21.2. between 18 u. 20h
    Additional package
    Create website
    Part 1: Fri, 23.2. 15-19h online
    Additional package
    Negotiation Training
    : Sat., 24.2. 10-14h
    Mentoring Session
    online (per pers. 1h): Wed., 28.2. between 18 u. 20h

  • Lab 6
    : Fri., 1.3. 15-19h
    Additional package
    Create website
    Part 2: Sat., 2.3. 10-18h
    Additional package
    Personal Pitch
    : Fri, 8.3.

  • Lab 7
    : Sat., 9.3. 10-18h



Talentgarden Vienna
Liechtensteinstrasse 117-115
1090 Vienna

Individual mentoring sessions as well as a part of the additional packages take place online – (see notes behind the dates)


Cancellation policy:

You can find the general terms & conditions here.

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