NextGen Innovation Lab for apprentices


NextGen Innovation Lab for apprentices

In our three-day ‘NextGen Innovation Lab’ program, we open the doors of our innovation workshop to apprentices. Young talents are not only given the opportunity to develop a sustainable product idea, but also to work out the business model behind it, create a prototype and finally present their project in a convincing pitch.

But ‘Next Gen Innovation Lab’ goes beyond just product development. Participants enhance their soft skills such as creativity and teamwork and get a comprehensive picture of the global challenges and opportunities of product development between the corporate environment and the market. A particular focus is on understanding sustainability – an aspect that is crucial in the modern business world and for the future.

Of course, the latest techologies such as artificial intelligence and digitization in general have a large share in the program. And fun and inspiration are not neglected either: a lot of doing it yourself and exciting role models motivate the apprentices to be curious and try things out.

Program overview

For whom?

Companies, who want to develop their young talent in entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and sustainability, while also teaching the latest technologies such as AI.

Who takes part?

Apprentices of different companies; also possible for apprentices of one company exclusively

What is the objective of the Lab?

We teach future-relevant skills and tools by learning by doing. These include entrepreneurial thinking, team skills, innovation and product development, presentation, sustainability, digitalization and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence. The objective is to learn and apply them and to have developed a sustainable, innovative product idea at the end.

What is the program based on?

Our Labs are based on five central pillars:

  1. Experimental learning promotes deep understanding through immediate application, sustainable storage of knowledge and is therefore the most effective way of learning.
  2. Lean Startup Methods and always in focus: the customers
  3. Digitization & Sustainability – because we are shaping the future today for the world of tomorrow
  4. Expert:inside knowledge combined with Networking: Sharing valuable knowledge and resources.
  5. Goal and result orientation. Because well defined goals are like magnets: They pull you in their direction.


What do our participants say?

“I have learned more in the three days than I did in three years of vocational school.” Jonas M., Vocational School for Industry, Finance and Transport


“Really exciting to see how important customers are to product development.” Nina R., BHAK Vienna 10

Program details

LAB 1: one day

  • Sustainability – how’s it going in my company?
  • What’s hot – brainstorming
  • Who with whom – team building
  • How does innovation work? Design Thinking!
  • Get to the product: Which problem should be solved for whom and how? AI can help…
  • Presentation of the results
At the end of that day, you have a team and a good product idea.

LAB 2: one day

  • Everything at a glance: The Lean Model Canvas
  • Does anyone want this? On to the Question-Test-Customize-Triathlon.
At the end of Lab 2, you will know how to position your product in the market.

LAB 3: one day

  • Get the learnings done!
  • How do I reach my customers? – Sustainable marketing!
  • Show your product & shine – make AI work for you



At the end of the last lab you will know how to reach your customers and get positive attention for your product.

At the end of the entire program, you will have developed an innovative and sustainable product idea as a team with the help of AI, for which there are buyers:inside. And you presented this product with your team in front of an audience. Check!


Practical information

The program consists of three one-day labs, each starting at 09:00h and ending at 16:00h.

Participants:inside number min. 12, max. 20; from 12 participants exclusively for one company possible with a number of participants up to 60

The program includes materials, lunch, snacks and drinks.



Talentgarden Vienna
Liechtensteinstrasse 117-115
1090 Vienna


new dates from end of Sept. 23


€ 950,- plus VAT

Should this program be exclusive to one company? We will be happy to make you an offer:


Cancellation policy:

You can find the general terms & conditions here.

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