ESG, CSR & Co – With friendly goals


ESG, CSR & Co – With friendly goals

“Hey, what’s up? MfG!” – That’s how the Fantastic Four sing it. But in today’s business world, there is a new generation of acronyms: ESG, CSR, SDG, CSRD, ESRS, EU Green Deal, Taxonomy, GRI and many more. For many companies, it feels like an inextricable maze of acronyms. And this is exactly where we come in.

Why is this workshop important?
The letter sequences are not just fashion terms. They represent significant developments in sustainability and corporate reporting that will have a major impact on the business environment in the coming years. There is a lot of confusion about what exactly lies behind these terms and, more importantly, what they mean to a business. And while not all companies are required to report by 2025, the underlying issues could affect every business.

Our goal:
In this workshop we will go through the acronym maze and make it understandable. We provide a clear overview of the most important terms, their meanings and relevance. In addition, we address practical questions: Where do you start? How do you integrate these issues into your corporate strategy, even if you’re not reporting? What tactical steps make sense for SMEs?

Because, as the Fantastic Four would put it: It’s not just about knowing the terms, it’s also about living them. Join us and navigate safely through the world of sustainability acronyms!


Program overview

For whom?

SMEs, Founders, Startups

Who takes part?


What is the objective of the workshop?

Participants, especially from smaller companies, will understand the importance of ESG, CSR, SDG, CSRD, EU Green Deal, GRI, etc. and learn how to integrate these concepts strategically and tactically into their business processes.

Understanding and implementing sustainability: The workshop provides participants with a clear understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. It elaborates how sustainability is relevant to small businesses. Participants should be able to integrate sustainability aspects into their business models and product development.

Develop results directly with themselves: Participants should be able to apply the skills and insights gained in the workshop directly to their own companies or organizations.


What is this workshop based on?

Our workshops are based on three central pillars:

  1. Design Thinking: This approach emphasizes user-centered innovation and encourages creative ideation, prototyping, and testing to develop solutions that meet user needs.
  2. Sustainability Development: The workshop integrates the principles of sustainability development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental responsibility. This includes the consideration of environmental, social and economic impacts in business models and products.
  3. Practical applicability: One focus of the workshop is on practical applicability. Participants should be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills directly in their own companies or organizations.


Program details

This two-day workshop is based on the proven concept of design thinking and the success strategies of leading startups. Participants embark on an exciting learning journey to sustainable product and service innovation. During this intensive journey, they will learn in 7 steps how to develop innovative and sustainable solutions in practice. Active involvement and collaboration with customers are central to this.

Participants work continuously on their ideas, from initial inspiration to final presentation. They not only design products and services that meet the needs of their target group, but also take environmental, social and economic aspects into account. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of future-oriented business models and make a positive contribution to sustainability and innovation in their company or organization.



Part 1 – Sussing out the acronym maze

  • Introduction: Why are all these abbreviations relevant?
  • ESG: What’s behind it and why is it important?
  • SDG: The UN’s global goals for a better future.
  • CSRD: The importance of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.
  • EU Green Deal & Taxonomy: Europe’s path to a more sustainable economy.
  • GRI: The Global Reporting Initiative and its role.
  • Discussion: How do these issues affect my business?
  • Summary: A clear map of the acronym landscape.

Part 2 – From understanding to action

  • Exploring the “why”: Why is it important to integrate these concepts into business strategy?
  • A first step: what needs to be done first?
  • Practical guide: creating a checklist for small businesses.
  • Distinguish between strategic action and tactical action.
At the end of the workshop, the participants
  • a clear understanding of what’s behind the acronyms and how it potentially affects their business.
  • a clear idea of how they can start the process in their own company and what resources they need to do so.

Practical information


Talentgarden Wien
Liechtensteinstraße 117-115
1090 Wien



Fr., 24. Nov. 2023

Mo., 18. Dez 2023 

Mi., 1. Feb. 2023



€ 490,- plus VAT

If this program is to be carried out exclusively for a company, we will be happy to make you an offer:

This workshop starts at 09.00h and ends at 16.00h.

Min. Participants:inside number: 8

Max. Participants:inside number: 15

The offer includes the materials and hot drinks.


Cancellation policy:

You can find the general terms & conditions here.

Astrid Weikmann

“The devil is in the details. Therefore, we go through everything step by step, which is important so that in the end a functioning and sustainable product comes out. Learning by doing.”

Katja Tschoepe

“When developing new products and services, you are often so enamored with your ideas that you often lose sight of your customers. That’s why you have to learn processes where you focus on customers over and over again.”

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