ESGeneration rock stars: young talent shapes sustainability!


Use the potential of your young talent: let Gen Z help shape the future of your company!


Young employees from “Gen Z” have a lot of potential and clear ideas at the same time: Participation, fair pay, work-life balance – and they want to do something meaningful. With these workshops, you can use precisely these needs of your employees for the benefit of the company’s future and at the same time as a retention case for the next generation. Your employees develop specific ideas for the sustainability of your company. This often results in potential savings, generates stories for internal and external communication and creates a basis or support for any ESG reporting obligations. And even if you will not be subject to ESG reporting in the foreseeable future: Even if you are part of the supply chain of a company subject to reporting requirements, you still need to provide figures on your sustainability.

So get started now with feasible ideas for the future!

So that young employees are happy and highly motivated to stay with you!



Program overview

For whom?

SMEs that want to motivate and retain young employees and at the same time take steps towards sustainability.

Who takes part?

(Young) employees (“Gen Z”) who are interested in the sustainability of the company

What are the objectives of the workshops?

  • Generate feasible solutions to improve the sustainability of the company
  • Retainemployees , especially from “Gen Z”
  • Generate stories for sustainability communication (external and internal)


What is the program based on?

These workshops are based on three central pillars:

  • Design Thinking as a creative tool begins with problem analysis, continues with creative idea collection, solution development, testing and adaptation, and ends with the presentation of the final solutions.
  • Experimental learning promotes deep understanding through immediate application, sustainable storage of knowledge and is therefore the most effective way of learning.
  • Case studies, best practices and role models: using real examples of successful companies, we show how sustainability and innovation go hand in hand to create feasible and successful solutions.

Program details

  • Observe & Learn: Get to know and understand ESG, issues and stakeholders
  • Ideation: Finding and selecting creative solutions
  • Create, test and adapt prototypes
  • Evaluate and calculate benefits for the company
  • Pitch & Shine: Presenting and inspiring ideas

At the end of the workshop

  • participants are able to identify sustainable ideas for their company and develop them as feasible solutions
  • they can present these ideas in such a way that others can also be inspired by them
  • have basic knowledge of ESG standards and reporting
  • you are part of a network of like-minded people who are committed to a more sustainable yet successful business future
  • participants are a little more committed to your company because they can satisfy their basic need for participation and a sustainable future


Practical information

The program includes materials, lunch (all day), snacks and hot drinks.

The workshops take place either for two whole days from 09.00h to 17.00h.

Alternatively, they can be spread over four days of 4 hours a day (mornings or afternoons).



Talentgarden Vienna
Liechtensteinstrasse 117-115
1090 Vienna

or at your company.



by arrangement




The price depends on the number of participants, the number of days and the location of the event.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer:


Cancellation policy:

You can find the general Terms & Conditions here.

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