Talk about it: ESG, sustainability & co for PR and marketing


Let your ESG shine! Or: Do good and talk about it.

Is your company already doing a lot to act sustainably and fairly? That’s great! But do your customers, (potential) employees or business partners also know this?

Sustainable and fair economic activity is not only necessary for the future of this planet. It also has a great benefit for your business success: more and more people prefer to buy from places that do business fairly and sustainably. And in a tight labor market in which employees can choose their jobs, younger Generation Z employees in particular prefer to work for companies that operate fairly and sustainably.

The business community also needs role models to inspire them to join in the ESG transformation.

So use your commitment for the external and internal impact of your company! And you’ve come to the right place.

In this workshop, we will work out your company’s potential for PR and marketing. Together we will look for your stories about sustainability, social impact and good corporate governance that are of interest to your target groups. And that the world should see and hear.


Program overview

For whom?

SMEs, Founders, Startups

Who takes part?

Management, owners, marketing and PR managers

What is the objective of the workshop?

After the workshop, participants will be able to set communication goals around ESG topics, find the right stories in their company, prepare them for target groups and play them out via the right channels.


What is the workshop based on?

This workshop is based on three central pillars:

  1. Interaction: We work dynamically, interactively and “hands-on”. The participants acquire the knowledge themselves through practical exercises, exchange and feedback.
  2. Application orientation: We focus on practical experience. This includes realistic tasks as well as best-practice examples and real-life cases. Participants should be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills directly in their own companies or organizations.
  3. Goal orientation: Every path needs a goal. We believe that every action can achieve measurable results that help the company move forward.


Program details


Contents of the workshop

Introduction to sustainability and marketing

    • What does ESG mean in the world of communications, PR and marketing?
    • Why is it important to communicate honestly, authentically and transparently?
    • Reach, image, etc.: What goals can be achieved with ESG stories?


    • Where are the good stories?
    • How do you prepare them?

Communication channels

  • Where can I reach my target groups?

Roll up your sleeves and off you go

  • Get to work on the case: define the goal, assign the target group, find and prepare the story and define the channels

Presentation and feedback:

    • Short presentations of the developed cases by the participants.
    • Feedback round
    • Lessons learned


    Practical information


    Talentgarden Vienna
    Liechtensteinstrasse 111-115
    1090 Vienna



    Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Mon, June 10, 2024

    Thursday, July 11, 2024

    Tue, Sept. 10, 2024

    Fri, Oct. 18, 2024

    Wed., Nov. 13, 2024

    The workshop starts at 09.00h and ends at 17.00h.



    € 720,- plus. VAT

    If this program is to be carried out exclusively for a company, we will be happy to make you an offer:

    Promotional code “Bring a friend”: If you bring a paying participant with you, both you and the participant you bring will receive a 20% discount on the net price (€ 630,-).

    Only one discount per workshop is possible.


    Min. Participants:inside number: 8

    Max. Number of participants: 14

    The offer includes materials, lunch and drinks.


    Cancellation policy:

    You can find the general terms & conditions here.

    Astrid Weikmann

    “There are many wonderful stories in every company that wants to be ESG-compliant. You just have to “lift” them and use them.”

    Katja Tschoepe

    The old saying “Do good and talk about it” is as relevant as ever. Sustainability communication not only helps the company itself, but that many such positive stories inspire people to follow suit.”

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