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Mentoring Opportunities:

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity within our initiative for additional individual mentoring: Our platform showcases a diverse array of distinguished mentors, each an expert in their field. Take your time to explore their profiles and select the mentor who aligns best with your goals.

Please be aware that mentorship costs are handled independently of the Good Future Business program. Your chosen mentor will issue invoices directly. 

Embark on Your Mentoring Journey:

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose Your Mentor: Dive into our curated collection of mentor profiles. Each profile offers a glimpse into the mentor’s expertise, the languages they offer mentoring in, their specialized topics, and a link to their social media for a broader perspective. This initial step is your gateway to finding the perfect mentor whose skills and experience resonate with your aspirations.
  2. Secure Your Spot: Once you’ve identified your ideal mentor, the next phase is to book a mentoring session. Located conveniently beneath each mentor’s profile, you’ll find an easy-to-use scheduling tool. Simply select a time that suits you and fill in your details to confirm the session.
  3. Confirmation and Beyond: After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation of your mentoring session, detailing the time, date, and any additional instructions. This confirmation marks the beginning of an enriching learning experience tailored just for you.
  4. Finalizing the Journey: Post-session, your mentor will send you an invoice for the services rendered. Remember, these costs are to be covered using the funds allocated to you through the project. It’s important to manage these resources wisely to maximize the benefits of your mentoring experience.

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Updated: 12-12-2023


You will get separate invoice by mentor directly. 

Mentoring Lounge

Meet the Mentors

Discover the minds that will inspire your growth. Below, you’ll find the profiles of our available mentors. Each profile provides detailed information about the mentor’s expertise, experience, and the languages they can offer mentoring in. This diverse pool of knowledge ensures that you can find the right match for your specific needs and goals. You can scroll through the gallery and also enlarge it (right corner)  for better overview.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

  • Diverse Specializations: Our mentors come from various backgrounds, ranging from technology, business, arts, to sciences. This diversity ensures that you receive well-rounded and comprehensive guidance.
  • Local Language Support: We understand the importance of effective communication. Our mentors can provide guidance in local languages, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder your learning experience.

Schedule a Meeting

Ready to embark on a transformative learning journey? Below you’ll find an option to arrange a meeting with them. Select a mentor that aligns with your objectives, and schedule a session at your convenience.



When arranging an appointment please provide some information about your business idea and the questions you want to adress. This is a short guide: 

  • Brief Introduction: Share some infos about you.
  • Specific Goals for the Session: Outline what you hope to achieve or learn from this mentorship session.
  • Overview of Your Business Idea/Project: Provide a concise summary of your business idea or project to give your mentor a clear context.
  • Key Challenges or Questions: Identify any specific challenges you’re facing or questions you have that you’d like to discuss during the session.
  • Preparation Done: Mention any work or research you have already completed related to your business idea or the challenges you’re facing.
  • Expectations from the Mentor: Describe what kind of support, guidance, or advice you are expecting from the mentor.

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