NextGen Leaders – Apprentices as a driving force for sustainable innovation

Shape the thought leaders with us: From tomorrow for a sustainable corporate future.

Goodfuturebusiness sees the young generation as the pioneers of a sustainable future.

We are now making our expertise, which has grown from many years of practical experience in the areas of sustainability and innovation, available to apprentices. Our specially designed workshops are geared towards developing young talents into active co-creators in their companies and providing them with the tools to implement sustainability in a lively way. This not only enriches the personal development of the apprentices, but also brings a breath of fresh air and innovative solutions to your company. Together, we are shaping responsible NextGen Leaders who are ready to change the economy and society for the better.

Advantages for companies.

Sustainability awareness

Shaping the future: Raise your apprentices’ awareness of sustainability and ESG, inspire them to take responsibility for the future of the company.

Education relief

Training optimization: Take the pressure off your trainers and enrich your teaching offer with exciting training workshops.

Communication and presentation skills

Develop your apprentices’ negotiation skills and powers of persuasion through targeted presentation training (pitching) and feedback sessions that boost their self-confidence.

Culture of innovation and commitment

Empowerment: Promote a culture of innovation by showing apprentices that their ideas are valued and that they contribute to the company’s success.

Cost efficiency

Use subsidies: Benefit from financial support through educational grants such as the Digi Check

Social skills and collaboration

Develop team skills: Strengthen your apprentices’ social and collaborative skills through interactive group work that encourages open sharing and collective problem solving.

Our NextGen Leader Workshops.

ESG Innovation Express

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Highlights:
    • Development of sustainable business ideas
    • Introduction to sustainability, SDGs, ESG criteria and the EU Green Deal
    • Rapid brainstorming and lean innovation
    • Conclusion with pitch presentation

Future Leaders - Sustainable ideas workshop

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Highlights:
    • Developing ideas with impact
    • Collect and integrate customer feedback
    • Product iteration and optimization
    • Final presentation to the jury

NextGen Marketing: plain text instead of greenwashing

  • Dauer: 1 Tag
  • Highlights:
    • Durchschauen und Verhindern von Greenwashing
    • Entwicklung echter Nachhaltigkeitsbotschaften
    • Anwendung von Best Practices im Umweltmarketing
    • Analyse realer Marketingkampagnen

Our method: Learn by doing.

At Goodfuturebusiness, active experience is at the heart of the learning process. Our “Learn by Doing” philosophy is designed to ensure that apprentices not only absorb knowledge, but also apply it directly in practical exercises and projects:

  • Interactive workshops: We offer a series of hands-on exercises in which participants learn through direct trial and experimentation.
  • Real projects: Apprentices work on real challenges to develop practical solutions that can be applied in their training company.
  • Real-time feedback: Thanks to constant feedback from trainers and peers, apprentices receive direct feedback that they can implement immediately.
  • Reflection and adaptation: After each exercise, participants reflect on their experiences and learn how to improve their approaches for future challenges.

This dynamic way of learning not only promotes a deep understanding of the subject matter, but also strengthens the apprentices’ self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

At NextGen Innovation, I learned more in three days than in three years of vocational school!

Jonas M., Vocational School for Industry, Finance and Transport

Jonas’ experience at the NextGen Innovation Workshops is a powerful testimony to how intensive, hands-on learning can transform traditional vocational training. In just three days, Jonas and his team developed an innovative concept for the reuse of paper waste. Their idea went beyond theory – they developed prototypes, tested them directly with potential customers and adapted and improved their concept based on this feedback. This agile approach, which involves direct customer interaction and rapid iterations, reflects the dynamism and learning intensity that characterize our workshops.


Who can take part in the NextGen workshops?

They are designed to be cross-sectoral and are open to all apprentices, regardless of their specific field of training. The skills taught in sustainability, innovation, social skills and digital know-how are universally applicable and prepare apprentices to bring about positive change in any industry.

What are the practical benefits of the workshops?

Participants gain practical experience by working on real projects, learn how to present ideas effectively and develop the ability to implement sustainable solutions in a business context.

How are the workshops conducted?

The workshops take place in interactive, participant-oriented sessions that can include both face-to-face and online formats to take into account the current situation and needs of the participants.

Are there any certificates or recognitions for participation?

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the workshop, certifying their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

What distinguishes the NextGen workshops from conventional training programs?

Our workshops are characterized by a strong focus on interactivity, practical relevance and current topics of sustainability and digitalization. They are designed to enable apprentices to put theory directly into practice.

How can it be ensured that the contents of the workshop are relevant for all training disciplines?

Our workshops are designed to teach fundamental concepts and skills that are universally valuable in the modern workplace. We place particular emphasis on making the content adaptable and incorporating real-world examples from various industries. This enables the apprentices to transfer what they have learned to their specific training and work contexts and to develop individual solutions.

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