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Sustainable Tourism Accelerator



Nov. 2023 – Mar. 2024

Embark on a journey with SUSTOURA Sustainable Tourism Accelerator, where sustainability meets speed and intensity. Our program is crafted to fast-track your journey in the tourism sector, offering a condensed, focused experience that transforms your vision into impactful reality. Dive into a world where sustainable practices are not just ideals but actionable strategies. With SUSTOURA, accelerate your growth, harness innovative approaches, and lead the change in creating tourism experiences that are environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and economically viable. Join us to shape a future where tourism thrives in harmony with our planet.

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Sustainable Tourism Accelerator Batch 2023




Welcome to the registration to SUSTOURA the Sustainable Tourism Accelerator. Our accelerator program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, resources, and mentorship you need to thrive in the dynamic world of business, tourism, and sustainability.

After registering, you will receive all the necessary invoicing information, making the payment process seamless and hassle-free. During the registration you will also need to accept the Terms & Conditions for this program.


Program Details

Lab 1 – Discover

November 27, 2023 • 3 hrs
NOVEMBER 28, 2023 • 3 hrs

Unlock Inspiration for Your Tourism Business!

In the ‚Discover‘ lab, you’ll uncover a world of ideas and innovation that can transform tourism businesses. Explore other businesses and trends  that have redefined rural tourism. This lab isn’t just about knowledge—it’s also your onboarding to an exciting journey where you’ll adapt these ideas to your own business for a sustainable impact.

Lab 2 – Ideate

December 5, 2023 • 3 hrs • Online
December 12, 2023 • 3 hrs • Online

Join us for the ‚IDEATE‘ lab, where the spirit of ideation and innovation thrives. Collaborate with diverse teams from across regions to craft visionary business concepts. Challenge yourself to ideate sustainable solutions that add value to your current customers or open doors to new markets. This lab empowers you with the tools and mindset to transform your boldest ideas into winning business models

Lab 3 – Define

January 16, 2024,  Greece

Dive into Action in person in Greece!

In this lab, we take your innovative solution from ideas to reality using the Lean Canvas framework. Discover how to analyze your competition and strategically position your venture in the market. Our expert team provides you with the essential resources and guidance to refine your business model. The objective is to craft a sustainable, financially viable venture that makes a meaningful impact on the environment and local community.“

Lab 4 – Validate

January 17, 2024,  Greece

Validate: Market Testing in person in Greece!

This critical phase helps mitigate business risks by testing your ideas in the market. Engage with pilot customers who are early adopters of innovative products or services. 

Through testing and real-world feedback, you’ll identify potential issues and fine-tune your solutions. Gain valuable insights to create compelling offerings that resonate with your target audience

LAB 5 – Develop

January  22,  2024 • 3 hrs • Online
January 23,   2024 • 3 hrs • Online

Develop: Transforming Ideas into Reality!

In the DEVELOP lab, participants embark on a transformative journey to turn their sustainable tourism ideas into detailed, actionable business plans. This lab, set in an interactive online environment, focuses on the practicalities of business plan development, encompassing market analysis, financial planning. By the lab’s end, participants will have crafted a comprehensive business plan, ready to launch or enhance their sustainable tourism ventures with clarity and strategic insight.

Lab 6 – Integrate

January 30,  2024 • 3 hrs • Online
February 6,  2024 • 3 hrs • Online

Integrate: Elevate Your Sustainable Business!

In the INTEGRATE lab, participants engage in an immersive experience that combines the essentials of responsible marketing.  Through interactive sessions, participants learn to develop digital content strategies,  and create persuasive media kits. The lab emphasizes adapting marketing and funding approaches to evolving customer personas, ensuring participants are equipped to responsibly and effectively promote their tourism busienss.

LAB 7 – Shine 

February 13, 2024• 3 hrs • Online
February 20, 2024• 3 hrs • Online

Shine: Illuminate Your Vision!

In the ultimate Live Lab, you will refine and present your project ideas to a jury. Learn the art of crafting a compelling three-minute pitch and creating a structured pitch deck that speaks to investors. Enhance your storytelling prowess with expert guidance, captivating your audience’s imagination. In the second part of the lab, pitch your idea to a jury, with the best teams from each region securing an invitation to showcase their project on Demo Day in Vienna.

Demo Day Vienna

March 15, 2024, Vienna, Austria

DEMO DAY – Where Brilliance Takes the Stage!

The crème de la crème of participants from each country will converge in Vienna for the exhilarating DEMO Day event. Picture a ‚Shark Tank‘-style pitch, with a lightning-fast three minutes to present your idea, followed by three more minutes for questions and invaluable feedback from our Sounding Board. Amidst this electrifying atmosphere, you’ll network with peers and dive into an array of activities, including a visit to the holiday fair starting on March 16 and exclusive meetings with industry experts


Mentoring is an invaluable aspect of our program, offering personalized guidance from a variety of seasoned professionals. We have identified suitable mentors with diverse backgrounds to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Take a look at the profiles of these mentors below, and when you’re ready, sign up for sessions with your chosen expert. Please note that mentoring fees are managed separately from Good Future Business. You will receive invoices directly from your mentors, payable using the funds allocated for this purpose within the program.

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