In May and June ’22, it was once again “The sky is the limit!” 12 founders worked on their products and business models as part of the SDG Innovation Lab. What makes my product special? Who are my target groups? How do I make money with it? What impact does my business have on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs – the 17 United Nations goals to achieve a healthier and better world for all)? Finding answers to these questions that enable business success is always a challenge. Sometimes individually, sometimes together, with experts, mentors and role models – the development of the own project, mutual support and maximum benefit for each individual business were always in the foreground. A lot of fun and inspiration came from visiting former participants such as the “
Mushroom Brothers
n” or
Irene’s solar manufactory
– the latter prepared for us fantastically tasty dishes only with sunlight. Great insights were also offered by Jure Lesnik from
and Verena Judmayer from
in interviews in which they talked about successes, but also stumbling blocks and dead ends. And in the end, all participants were a big step further on the way from their idea to a successful and sustainable business.

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