Looking for sustainable innovation and ways to accelerate your company’s growth? Interested in developing innovative and impactful products or services? The SDG Innovation Lab could be the solution. As an innovation lab designed specifically for SMEs, it provides companies with the resources they need to create and develop new innovative projects that can lead to significant success over time. With its wide range of programs, services and tools, this lab provides companies around the world with access to cutting-edge technologies and strategies that enable them to turn their most ambitious ideas into reality. We invite you to explore how your company can benefit from this exciting initiative!

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Innovation Lab and Accelerator


Innovation Labs enable companies to focus on innovations that go beyond traditional operations. They provide an environment where creative minds come together to develop, test and advance new ideas. For larger companies in particular, Innovation Labs are a valuable resource to minimize concerns and barriers and accelerate the development of innovative solutions.

There are various forms of innovation labs, from company-owned labs to incubators and accelerators. These organizational units provide a space for idea development, collaborative work and the implementation of innovations.

Accelerators are special programs that specifically help startups and innovators bring their ideas to market faster. Similar to a turbo for vehicles, accelerators speed up the development process and help bring products and services to market in less time. These programs provide tailored support, coaching and resources to help startups succeed commercially. They are a kind of springboard for young companies that want to maximize their potential and bring their innovative ideas to the world. Through targeted training, networking and funding opportunities, accelerators play a critical role in accelerating the innovation process and founding a startup.



Methods for creativity and innovation: from brainstorming to prototyping

Innovation labs and accelerators use a variety of proven methods to foster creativity and innovation. These approaches are used to generate ideas, validate them and turn them into concrete solutions. From classic techniques such as brainstorming, brainwriting and brain dumping to structured approaches such as design thinking and design sprints, these methods provide a framework for creative processes. The Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas help visualize and rethink business models. Interviews with potential users identify needs and requirements, while prototyping and rapid prototyping enable rapid implementation of ideas. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) allows feedback from users to be gathered early on and development to be adjusted accordingly. These diverse methods provide companies with a structured approach to develop, test and continuously improve innovations.

Collaboration in the interdisciplinary team: The power of diversity

Both innovation labs and accelerators rely on interdisciplinary teams that work specifically on developing ideas. These teams are made up of professionals from different fields who combine their expertise to design innovative solutions. From marketing and sales to support, documentation and controlling, various perspectives are integrated to ensure a holistic approach. This diversity of expertise and skills allows us to look at ideas from different angles and create comprehensive solutions. Such a team works in a coordinated and cooperative manner, without competitiveness, to achieve the common goal of innovation.


In practice, it is evident that employees in the Innovation Lab work on projects either full-time or in dedicated time slots, such as every Friday. Ideally, an Innovation Lab operates like an independent company within the enterprise. It works in an agile, flexible way with flat hierarchies to make the innovation process seamless. This way of working promotes open communication, the exchange of knowledge and the rapid implementation of ideas without being thwarted by bureaucratic structures. Such a team stands for dynamism, cooperation and the development of creative potential.


SDGs: Opportunities for SMEs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Sustainable Development Goals, are a set of global goals set by the United Nations to promote sustainable development worldwide by 2030. These goals cover a wide range of issues, including environmental protection, social justice, education and economic development. For SMEs, the SDGs not only offer an opportunity to make a positive impact on society and the environment, but also an opportunity to develop innovative business models based on sustainable principles. By focusing on the SDGs, SMEs can not only fulfill their social responsibility, but also tap into new markets and ensure long-term success. The SDG Innovation Lab program supports companies in seizing these opportunities and driving sustainable innovation.


SDG Innovation Lab: Exclusive space for innovation and growth

The SDG Innovation Lab provides a dedicated spatial area and functions similar to an incubator. Here, companies have the opportunity to work on their innovative ideas in an inspiring environment. The labs are special windows of time to focus exclusively on these ideas, without distractions from day-to-day business.


The SDG Innovation Lab provides a network of facilitators, mentors and experts to guide companies on their innovation journey. Our support includes proven methods, from brainstorming to prototyping, to help you turn your ideas into reality. We create the space for creativity, shared learning and knowledge exchange that drives the innovation process.


THE advantage for SMEs

The biggest advantage for SMEs is that they can take advantage of the same resources and opportunities normally reserved for large companies and startups without having to take the risk. Our SDG Innovation Lab takes over the infrastructure needed for innovation. This enables SMBs to be agile and focused without being hampered by investment costs and administrative challenges. With us, they find the space, support and tools to realize their innovative ideas and create sustainable change.


SDG Innovation Lab Program: Sustainable success through innovation

Our program takes you through seven labs, each with a clear focus and goal to drive the idea of innovation in a sustainable way. In the Discover Lab, you’ll explore SDG and ESG to generate creative ideas. In the Ideate Lab, you’ll use proven design thinking techniques to turn those ideas into innovations. In the Design Lab you develop a sustainable business model and define customer segments. In the Validate Lab, you validate your ideas using real-world methods, while the Develop Lab helps you develop and refine prototypes. In the Go-To-Market Lab you plan your successful market entry, and in the Shine Lab you learn to present your idea convincingly and benefit from peer learning.

These labs are based on experimental learning and provide hands-on experiences. Each Lab is complemented by mentoring with Expert:ins as well as peer-to-peer learning to ensure that you are optimally supported throughout your journey.


Shaping the future together: Be part of the SDG Innovation Lab program and discover your opportunities for sustainable innovation!

o you ready to lead your company on a sustainable innovation journey? The SDG Innovation Lab program offers you a unique opportunity to unleash your potential, develop innovative ideas and achieve sustainable success. From idea generation to market launch, our program guides you in seven labs, supported by mentoring and peer-to-peer learning. Be part of this groundbreaking initiative and shape the future of your company with sustainable innovation. Take the first step and discover the many opportunities that the SDG Innovation Lab program has in store for you and your company.

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