What you can see, you can achieve! In December ’22 and January ’23, students from various HAKs (commercial highschools) worked in teams to come up with new and sustainable product ideas. Which problem do they want to solve with which product or service? Who should buy it? And what is the most convincing way to present it? Over the course of four days (with plenty of time in between to continue working fluently), the students came up with some really great ideas. The results were really impressive! In addition to exciting products and presentations, the most beautiful success for us is always the visible gain in knowledge of the young people. At the end, one participant said: “I learned more here in 3 days than in 3 years of vocational school.” Our reward could not be greater.


This format is really fun for the young people because they learn creatively and in a self-determined way. At the same time, this program can also be particularly exciting for companies that want to develop their young talent in terms of entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork skills or the knowledge of how innovation works. Or who are looking for new offspring. Technically oriented companies in particular are increasingly trying to recruit more women. With NextGen Innovation Lab, we then invite schoolgirls on behalf of the company to tinker with innovative solutions tailored specifically to this company. This way, the students get to know the company and the products and at the same time learn that a tech company (also) offers them many opportunities. Win-win is what we call it!

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